A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Juan Sanchez began his career as a professional tattoo designer by entering an apprenticeship in 2004. His mentor, Jason Grego, was the owner of New Element Tattoo in Pueblo. He honed his skills while working under with Jason.

Once his apprenticeship ended, he went on to learn different techniques and lessons by working at different shops for 10 years. He feels that the art of tattooing is a continuing learning experience. He is always mastering new styles and staying up to date with the latest trends.

In May of 2011, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, to expand his clientele. Since the move, he has worked and grown next to San Antonios finest artist. He strives to create custom artwork for his clients. He takes your ideas and turns them into great works of art.


He is inspired by his peers, artists who have come before him, and professionals who specialize in areas that he wants to focus on in the future. There is inspiration everywhere, and he is open to it all.

Working with Customers

Besides getting the opportunity to create new art, he enjoys meeting new clients at the tattoo shop. He has gotten to know many people throughout his career as a tattoo artist. Each introduction is special because he gets to learn more about his customers' lives while they're in his chair. These interactions have led to him creating priceless bonds with clients.

If he is having a terrible day, he can count on his clients to cheer him up. Their excitement for getting inked brings a smile to his face every time. He wants to inspire others as well. He wants clients to be motivated to find the right designers to complete their tattoos and take their artwork seriously.

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