Photo-Realistic Tattoos and Body Art

Juan Sanchez is a talented artist in San Antonio, Texas, who has the skills to complete any design for you. Whether you want a realistic portrait or fine-line lettering added to your arm, leg, back, or check, he's at your service.

Eye-Catching Designs

As an experienced tattooist, he can create all types of artwork for men and women. While the majority of the work he finishes is black and gray realism, he also has a passion for completing Calligraffiti, tribal, and cover-up tattoos. He specializes in tattoo shading as well.

He draws inspiration for his designs from all sorts of areas, including Bernini-style statues and sculptures. Since entering the tattoo field, he's received numerous compliments on his work. His past clients have loved the overall styling and shading of his tattoos. He's sure you will too.

Arranging an Appointment

Scheduling a tattoo session with him is easy. Once you contact him, he'll arrange a consultation with you. In this meeting, he'll find out the type of body art you want and your budget. He'll then set up a session with you.

Staying in contact with his clients is one of his top priorities. He will communicate with you as your appointment nears. This way, he can address any questions you may have. Additionally, he keeps a strict schedule so that he can be on time for each appointment.


He understands that each of his clients has a different budget. For this reason, he'll work with you to have artwork completed that you can afford. However, he will discuss the pricing in more depth during your consultation. He wants you to know how your money will be spent to achieve your customized tattoo.