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Juan Sanchez, a Talented Tattoo Artist

Make sure your next tattoo looks perfect down to the last detail. Since 2004, Tattoo Juan has designed body art to fit the styles and budgets of many clients. He specializes in black and gray realism, though he is also passionate about Calligraffiti, tribal, and cover-up tattoos.

He will do what it takes to give you the results you want. He always listens to you, breaking down your tattoo ideas so that you will know all about their intricacies or simplicities. He's committed to making you happy as soon as you walk through the door — throughout your visit, he'll make you feel right at home. Let him be the next tattoo artist for you. You won't regret it!

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Juan Sanchez knows what it takes to create the perfect tattoo. He is reliable and always ready to assist any client. To make sure your design comes out perfectly, he takes his time while complete your tattoo. He'll do what it takes to make you smile.

He loves interacting with his clients. From the consultation to the end of your session, he will converse with you about any topic. His outstanding work ethic helps him keep up with the demands of his job. It doesn't matter if he's completing a detailed, realistic tattoo or a simple cover up; he finishes each session promptly.


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